Oraclemeters World / International News - Get latest breaking news & top stories today in United States (US), Europe, Middle East and Americas. Can grey hair be reversed? - Oraclemeters Can grey hair be reversed? In this article I'll be doccumenting my experiments using a combinational therapy of red and green l.e.d's, pulsed electromagnetic fields and supplements.   ]]> Sat, 21 Jan 2023 00:04:46 GMT Nicotinamide Mononucelotide (NMN) - Oraclemeters NMN is a NAD precursir that restores nad levels and is a popular supplement in the Longevity community. ]]> Wed, 11 Jan 2023 02:15:54 GMT Virus Zapper - Oraclemeters Here we will be presenting a Hulder Regher Clark type virus zapper. Said to cure a number of ailments including most cancers. ]]> Sat, 7 Jan 2023 07:06:08 GMT PEMF Device - Oraclemeters In this article we will be constructing a versatile multi-purpose pulsed electromagnetic field generator with a variety of uses from brain entrainment to health therapy. ]]> Fri, 6 Jan 2023 05:56:32 GMT